Botanik Göl Evleri


Botanical lake houses, due to their natural structure, offer a nature holiday in the middle of nature, accompanied by bird sounds and squirrels. During your stay, you can do many nature activities with your family.

You can find detailed information about the activities in our reception.


Meet the peace and beauty in the heart of nature in botanical lake houses. In this unique place embraced by nature, you can relax your soul and take a nature walk among the sounds of birds at any time of the day.

Bike tour

In Botanical lake houses, you can enjoy nature with the bicycle you can rent from the reception.


A deep treasure where we can feel the union of mind and soul most intimately. All you need is a mat, comfortable clothes and a floor. Beyond and before all of this is you! Botanik Lake houses invite you for a yoga experience.

Nature Photography

Botanik Lake Houses, which is a natural photography studio in every area by its nature, invites photography enthusiasts to a unique experience.

There are many more places to visit!

Botanical lake houses are easily accessible to the historical and natural destinations around us on a daily basis.

For detailed information, you can see our brochure in your room.